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American Institute of Chemical Engineers



The North American Mixing Forum is a multidisciplinary, international group promoting scholarship, research and education in the field of mixing. Join us if you want to understand the role that mixing plays in your process, scale up successfully, improve yields, reduce waste, and/or increase productivity. Find out who is doing the latest research in mixing. An added benefit is a long-lasting network of friends who are among the world's mixing experts.

Suzanne Kresta

Our Mission

  • To provide an open forum for the field of interdisciplinary mixing technology with a unique blend of academic and industrial mixing experience.

  • The North American Mixing Forum provides an opportunity for dialogue among specialists in the areas of fluid mechanics and mixing.

  • Our membership includes participants from academic and industrial research labs, mixing consultants, mixing equipment vendors, and others.

  • A wide variety of industrial mixing topics are included, such as liquid/liquid mixing, solid/liquid mixing, gas/liquid mixing, stirred tanks, motionless mixers, high-shear mixing devices.

  • The membership convenes every two years for a week long conference in an attractive location.


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