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Affiliated with

American Institute of Chemical Engineers



The North American Mixing Forum is administered by an Executive Council with 15 elected officers, who are also members of the AIChE at the time of election. At least eight of the council members are affiliated with an industrial organization and no fewer than four are academics at the time of their election.

The duties of the Standing Committees are:

Program Committee

To arrange technical sessions on mixing at meetings and conferences other than the Biennial Conference.

Biennial Conference Committee

To organize the Biennial Conference and to select the incoming Chair of the Conference. This committee is chaired by the current Conference Chair and consists of previous Conference Chairs and the past Chairs of the various Engineering Foundation Conferences on Mixing. The Chair of this committee shall be alternately selected from industry and academia with an academic serving for the 1991 conference.

Awards Committee

To promote research and scholarship in mixing by recognizing members of the Forum who have made outstanding contributions to the field

Education Committee

To promote education in mixing at the university and postgraduate levels.

Research Committee

To promote research and research funding in mixing.

Communications Committee

To promote communications within the Forum and to liaise with external organizations.

Nominating Committee

To nominate a slate of candidates for election to the Executive Council. To nominate candidates to serve as Chairs of the various standing Committees, except for the Biennial Conference Committee which selects its own Chair

Auditing Committee

To annually review the financial procedures and expenditures.

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