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Phase Inversion of Solid-Stabilized Emulsions



Analysis of human colon fluid dynamics by Positron Emission Particle Tracking 

System (PEPT) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) using an in vitro

Dynamic Colon Model (DCM)



Influence of Granular Segregation on Heat Transfer in a Rotary Kiln



Energy-saving mixer pays big dividends Jason N. Goldberg

Mixing Hydrodynamics in an Unbaffled Stirred Tank Using GPU-Based Large-Eddy



Ramírez Cruz

CFD simulation of flow in a mixing device with a draught tube Petr Vlček

Similarities between impinging jets and flow in agitated batch induced by axial-flow

impellers with draft tube

Marcela Věříšová

Scale Up Methodology for the Fine Chemical Industry - The Influence of the Mixing

in the Process

Moshe Bentolila

Flow Transition and Tracer Mixing in Taylor-Coutte Flow of Neutrally Buoyant

Fluid-Particle Suspension (PHD STUDENT)

Madhu V. Majji



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“Oxygen Transfer Coefficients by the Dynamic Gassing, Hydrogen Peroxide and

Mass Balance Methods at Power Inputs and Superficial Gas Velocities Applicable

to Commercial Fermentation Processes”



Emulsification of non-Newtonian Mixtures in a High Shear Mixer

Cyrus John Uera  Espinoza

The behavior of local gas retention and interfacial area in a pilot stirred tank as a

function of gassed power drawn and mycelial biomass content

Alehlí Holguín-Salas   
A Study on the Effective Design Methodology of the Agitator Shaft Assembly Sang Jin Lee

Effect of Blade Shape on the Dissipated Power of Disk Turbine Impellers: his

relation with low-pressure core of the trailing vortices.

David Alejandro Arjona Rivera
Flow Dependence on Off Bottom Location and Impeller Diameter Aaron Strand

Use of Reactive PLIF for the Evaluation of Micromixing and Mixing Times in a 

Stirred Tank

James Cardus

Mixing of a Non-Newtonian fluid in a stirred tank with a modified pitched blade


Nihat Yavuz

Experimental investigation of power consumption, mixing time, and bubble behavior

in an aerated reactor equipped with a coaxial mixer (PHD STUDENT)

Nasim Hashemi



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Development of an Energy-Efficient High-Rate Bioreactor

Adel Al Taweel        
Liquid-Phase Mixing in Contactors Equipped with Screen-Type Static Mixers Fouad  Azizi

Effect of mixing energy on the transient drop size during liquid-liquid drawdown in 

different tank geometries using in-situ FBRM

Fatemeh               Safari 

Uncovering Dynamics of Mesomixing in the Feed Plume for Froth Dewatering

Using In-Situ FBRM and PVM

Colin Saraka
DNS Investigation of Mixing in a Stirred Tank with Regular and Fractal Blades Salur Basbug

The optimization of mechanistic model parameters to predict undesired reactive

precipitation of by-products

Francesco Maluta

Large eddy simulation of homogenization process in a pitched blade impeller

mixed vessel

Petr Vlček

Development of pressure based methods for the determination of the just-

suspended speed and suspension state in viscous solid-liquid mixing

Olivier Bertrand


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