Simulations and mixing


 Jose Roberto Nunhez


 Konstantinos Steiros

08:00 - 08:25

Andreas Håkansson, Associate Prof., Kristianstad University

Dragana Arlov, Dr, Tetra Pak Processing Systems

Fredrik Carlsson, Dr, FS Dynamics

Hans Henrik Mortensen, Tetra Pak Scanima

Fredrik Innings, Professor, Tetra Pak Processing Systems

Why do emulsification in inline and batch rotor-stator mixers differ? - A CFD approach

08:25 - 08:50

Robert Higbee, Sr. Analytic/Mechanical Design Engineer, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Ltd.

Jason Giacomelli, Research Engineer, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Ltd.

Periodicity in lattice-Boltzmann CFD simulated rotating impeller cumulative hydraulic force angle versus time plots

08:50 - 09:15

Hua Bai, SABIC Americas Inc

Investigation of ProQuip HiFlow™ mixing impeller in a commercial-scale reactor and comparison of different modeling tools

09:15 - 09:40

Suzanne Kresta, University of Alberta

Francesco Maluta, Alexandra Komrakova Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Alberta

Archie Eaglesham, Don Jones Huntsman Polyurethanes

Alternate ways of modeling mixing in reactive systems: meso-mixing, micro-mixing, and reactive precipitation

09:40 - 10:05

John Thomas, President, M-Star Simulations

Richard Grenville, Director of Mixing Technology, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd.

Time-accurate blending simulations of transitional flow inside stirred tanks

Multiphase mixing


Katsuide Takenaka  


Aaron Strand

10:20 - 10:45

Richard Grenville, Director of Mixing Technology, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Ltd.

Patrick Spicer, Associate Professor, University of New South Wales

Mixing and flocculation of fine particles

11:10 - 11:35

Lena Hohl, Technische Universität Berlin, Chair of Chemical & Process Engineering

Joschka Schulz, Technische Universität Berlin, Chair of Chemical & Process Engineering

Susanne Roehl, Technische Universität Berlin, Chair of Chemical & Process Engineering

Niklas Paul, Technische Universität Berlin, Chair of Chemical & Process Engineering

Matthias Kraume, Technische Universität Berlin, Chair of Chemical & Process Engineering

Analysis of dispersion and coalescence in liquid three phase systems

11:35 - 12:00

Minye Liu, Dr, The Chemours Company

Mean age distribution in time-dependent multiphase flows

12:00 - 12:25

Richard Long, Professor Emeritus, New Mexico State University

Asem Al Jarrah Al Jarrah

Mohmmad Aliedeh

Gas-liquid interfacial area production in a vertical column approaches

Applications and troubleshooting


Frederic Augier  


Victor Atiemo-Obeng

18:45 - 19:20

Charles Dubois, Professor, Ecole Polytechnique Montreal - Chemical Engineering Dept.

An Insider Look At Energetic Materials Formulation and Mixing (KEYNOTE)

19:20 - 19:45

Paul Gilis, Fellow, The Dow Chemical Company

Jason Moore, Senior Engineer, Dow Chemical

Michael Poindexter, Fellow, Dow Chemical

Michael Cloeter, Technical Leader, Dow Chemical

The development and scaling of static and dynamic mixing systems to dewater Canadian oil sands mine tailings

19:45 - 20:10

Moshe Bentolila, Application Manager, VisiMix Ltd.

Improvement of safety characteristics of stirred reactors (SR) VisiMix® approach to inherently safer design of SR

20:10 - 20:35

Thomas Simpson, Chemical Engineering Consultant, DuPont

Good mixing gone bad – life as an industrial mixing consultant

Mixing under extreme conditions


Fouad Azizi  


Hua Bai

20:50 - 21:15

Federico Alberini, Research Fellow, University of Birmingham

Olga Mihailova, Dr, Unilever

Mark Simmons, Professor, University of Birmingham

Adam Kowalski, Professor, Unilever

PIV and torque measurements of the blending of complex rheology fluids in a 1L stirred vessel

21:15 - 21:40

David Brown, Michael Dawson, BHR Group

Effect of additive viscosity on inline blending in the turbulent flow regime

21:40 - 22:05

Clara Gomez, Engineering Research Scientist, Coanda Research and Development Corporation

Barry Bara, Senior Research Scientist, Syncrude Canada Ltd.

Fluid fine tailings flocculation using dynamic mixing

22:05 - 22:30

Gustavo Padron, Senior Technical Consultant, BHR Group

Heterogeneous regime transition in gas-liquid mixing in a stirred tank

Poster presentations 

Billy Allen, Engineering Advisor, Eli Lilly and Company

“Oxygen Transfer Coefficients by the Dynamic Gassing, Hydrogen Peroxide and Mass Balance Methods at Power Inputs and Superficial Gas Velocities Applicable to Commercial Fermentation Processes”

David Alejandro Arjona Rivera, Resp. Laboratorio de Ingeniería Química, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán

David Alejandro Arjona Rivera, student, Universidad Autonoma de Yucatán

Daniel Angel Mena Romero, Teacher, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán

Maria Dalmira Rodriguez Martín, teacher, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán

Effect of Blade Shape on the Dissipated Power of Disk Turbine Impellers: his relation with low-pressure core of the trailing vortices.

James Cardus, PhD Student, University of Birmingham

Use of reactive plif for the evaluation of micromixing and mixing times in a stirred tank

Cyrus John Uera Espinoza, EngD Student (Research Engineer), University of Birmingham

Mark J. H. Simmons, Professor, University of Birmingham

Federico Alberini, Doctor, University of Birmingham

Adam J. Kowalski, Professor, Unilever Port Sunlight

Emulsification of non-Newtonian Mixtures in a High Shear Mixer

Alehlí Holguín-Salas, PhD stuent, Instituto de Biotecnología-Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Enrique Galindo, Dr, Instituto de Biotecnología-Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

The behavior of local gas retention and interfacial area in a pilot stirred tank as a function of gassed power drawn and mycelial biomass content

Sang Jin Lee, Analytical Engineer, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd.

Robert W. Higbee, Senior Analytical, Mechanical Design Engineer, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd.

Jason Giacomelli, Research and Development Engineer, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd.

A study on the effective design methodology of the agitator shaft assembly

Aaron Strand, Research Engineer, Spxflow

Ricahrd Khen, Director – Research and Development, Spxflow

Flow Dependence on Off Bottom Location and Impeller Diameter

Nihat Yavuz, North Carolina State University

K.P. Sandeep, North Carolina State University

Mixing of a Non-Newtonian fluid in a stirred tank with a modified pitched blade impeller

Nasim Hashemi, Ph.D Student, Ryerson University

Farhad Ein-Mozaffari, Professor, Ryerson University

Simant R. Upreti, Professor, Ryerson Univesity

Dae Kun Hwang, Assistant Professor, Ryerson University

Experimental investigation of power consumption, mixing time, and bubble behavior in an aerated reactor equipped with a coaxial mixer